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Historical Anomaly in Peter the Great - The Last Tsar of Rus'

Petr 1st was the last tsar of Rus' and the first emperor of Russia, who displayed hatred towards all Slavic people and destroyed over five and a half thousand years of Slavic heritage. However, many Slavic people believe that Petr 1st was an imposter, and that real Petr 1st died in the French prison Bastille.

I will provide you with the information that is available and allow you to make your own judgements.

In the year 1697, Petr 1st traveled to Europe. He left as a young man, twenty six years of age, taller than average height, athletic built, physically healthy, with a mole on his left cheek, with wavy hair, highly educated, an individual who loved everything Russian/Slavic, a Christian who knew the bible by memory and so on.

Two years later, Petr 1st returns:

he doesn't speak Russian; he hates

everything Russian/Slavic; he never learned to write in Russian, even until his death; he forgot everything he knew before his travel and gained many new skills after his

return; he had no mole on his left cheek; he had straight hair; he was physically weak and looked as a man in his forties. It is also important to note, that the Petr 1st who

returned had a fever in the chronic form (although he was always healthy before), with traces of long use of mercury products, which were then used for the treatment of

dengue fever. It should also be noted that the Great Embassy took the Northern Sea route, while the dengue fever can only be “caught” in the Southern waters and even then only in the jungle .

Another fact can also be added. His wife Evdokia,who he dearly loved, and with whom he corresponded while

away, on his return from the Great Embassy, even without Seeing her, without explanation; he sent her to a monastery.

Additionally, all of his close advisors and friends died under mysterious circumstances, shortly after his return from the Great Embassy.

An amazing coincidence, is that in Septermber of 1698 in the lists of Bastille appears a prisoner under the name

“Marchiel" (the name Petr 1° offen used when traveling). It is said that this prisoner always walked with dignity and wore a velvet mask; he was also treated well. After his death in 1703, his holding cell was thoroughly searched and all traces of this prisoner were destroyed.

Lastly, no history about Petr 1 was written until 1761,and it was written by foreigners and not by individuals of Slavic descent.

During his rule, Petr 1% forbid the wearing of any traditionally Slavic clothing; he ordered to shave all beards;

he forbid the Native Slavic Faith and destroyed five and a half thousand years of Slavic heritage, by celebrating the

New Year 1700 C.E. on January instead of the summer...... So on January iS" 1700, Petr 1st congratulated all with Novyy God (the Slavic name for New Year). Here is where

the words are very important, for in Slavic language (and more precisely Russian) “Novyy" means “New”, but the word

God was used in place of “summer” (Slavs never used term

God - “Year” before that). In other words, Petr the first on

January i°'1700 congratulated all of his people with “New

(circumcised) God" .. and with that, 5508 summers of

Slavic heritage were cut off.

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